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Health & Disabilities

A strong health system is a cornerstone of society, and we are lucky to live in a country where health is seen as a priority.

National has continued to lift investment in health to a record of $15.6 billion despite challenging fiscal conditions, and worked hard to improve access to the health services New Zealanders most rely on. National is also committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are involved in the planning and development of services to meet their needs. These services will continue to be based on comprehensive needs assessment so that individual needs can be better met, and barriers broken down for those living with and/or caring for people with disabilities.

The Health Policy Advisory Group (PAG) is made up of members from various backgrounds across the health and disability sector. As with all PAGs, it is a voluntary group. We come together on a monthly basis to discuss potential health policies and ideas.

The Health PAG is also well represented by our dedicated Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman MP and Chair of the Health Select Committee Simon O’Connor MP and the Minister for Disability Issues Nicky Wagner.

Our aim is to suggest and influence positive initiatives that can be incorporated into National policies that improve health outcomes.

It is always pleasing to see Health PAG ideas put forth and come to fruition as new policy.

You can follow us to stay up to date, or contact the Chair, Letitia O’Dwyer, at letitia.o’ to get involved.