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Primary Industries

The Primary Industries Policy Advisory Group (PIPAG) is the National party’s advisory group on issues surrounding the primary sector.

Primary Industries make up a key part of New Zealand’s economy. Around 73% of our total export merchandise is from the primary industries, made up predominantly of agriculture, horticulture, forestry and fisheries.

PIPAG supports the Government’s commitment to doubling the value of our primary sector exports to $64 billion by 2025 and offers advice, solutions and feedback to help achieve that goal.

The Primary sector plays an important role helping to create jobs, driving the economy forward and strengthening our regions. We believe that Government and Industry need to work alongside each other in order to grow our Primary Industries.

Therefore, we support initiatives such as the Primary Growth Partnership, Government Industry Agreements to boost biosecurity and water storage projects across the Primary sector.

PIPAG works alongside Hon Nathan Guy (the Minister for Primary Industries), and the Primary Production caucus group, chaired by Ian McKelvie MP.

You can follow us to stay up to date, or contact the Co-Chair, Grant McCallum, at to get involved.

The Latest on Primary Industries