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Digital Technology

In only a few short decades digital technology has become firmly embedded in our way of life and integrated into nearly everything we do; whether it be using a GPS while enjoying the outdoors, skyping your family, or using software critical to thousands of jobs across the country.

Not only is digital technology everywhere, but it is still evolving rapidly. Ensuring policy keeps pace with public expectations and constant evolution of technology is one of our great policy challenges.

The Digital Technology Policy Advisory Group draws on wide-ranging expertise from industry experts and practitioners to inform and advise on how New Zealand can better leverage digital technology, and what measures need to be taken to mitigate negative consequences where they exist.

The opportunities are numerous and tightly intertwined with many other policy areas, making it an important area for the National Party to build a strong contribution.

Please follow us to stay up to date, or contact the Chair, Matthew Evetts, at to get involved.