The SuperBlues are a group of socially active New Zealanders aged 60+ who work collaboratively with National MPs to promote solutions to issues that will enhance a quality environment for senior citizens.

While aligned to the centre-right, SuperBlues are not an exclusive group. Nor are they structured as a rigid organisation. Members meet in districts and cities throughout New Zealand either under a SuperBlues banner or informally as a social network of local people with shared interest and values. Enthusiasm and a willingness to ponder and debate social and political issues of the day are a hallmark of SuperBlues activists.

From Kaitaia in the north to Coromandel in the east; New Plymouth in the west and Invercargill in the south, members work with local National Members of Parliament to keep issues confronting senior citizens at the forefront of political thinking.

The SuperBlues Chair is Colleen Singleton and she works tirelessly to keep 60+ issues in front of National Parliamentarians. She feeds in to political debate the particular concerns of 60+ members of the community and advises, from the background of views expressed to her, what issues are most dominant among senior citizens.

Colleen talks regularly about policy actions and trends with Minister for Senior Citizens, the Hon. Maggie Barry, and with the Caucus liaison member for SuperBlues, Scott Simpson, whose Coromandel electorate has the second highest number of 60+ community members of any electorate. Prime Minister Bill English is especially supportive of the work that SuperBlues do. He encourages MPs to work with SuperBlues members at local levels.

That the activist role of SuperBlues is significant to the National Party is not surprising. In most electorates around the country it is the 60+ age group which votes in proportionately higher numbers than the 18 to 29 and 28 to 39 year groups. The 60+ group of New Zealanders is a “must target” segment of the population for success at the polls.

Now that the election is well past we want to stimulate more SuperBlues activities. We want your views on issues and points of concern that can be passed through to our Parliamentarians and Ministers.

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