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Social Development

National is working to ensure more people are in work, children and the vulnerable are safe in their homes and communities, and our seniors are supported in their retirement.

The Social Development Policy Advisory Group gives members a chance to make a contribution to National’s important work in areas such as disabilities, youth, older people, welfare, social housing, and other social and community services.

By engaging party members in policy discussion and debate, and working with our decision-makers in the National Caucus, we work to:

1. Develop policies that are inclusive, long lasting and trans-formative for individuals, families and communities.

2. Build a positive, equitable, inclusive, and healthy society.

3. Encourage multi-disciplinary, community-led policy solutions.

4. Ensure that Government and other services are catering / working for needs of all New Zealanders, in a friendly and accessible way.

5. Ensure that members' expertise, experience, and suggestions make a contribution to New Zealand's policy direction.

Over the last Government term the Social Policy Advisory Group has contributed ideas about various issues including child poverty, social housing, youth justice, community groups, older people's well-being and advocacy, all forms of abuse including elder abuse, education, health in the community , domestic violence, disability, job creation, funding for violence prevention, and many more.

We are also well served by our Caucus Co-Chair, Brett Hudson, List MP Based in Ohariu.

You can follow us to stay up to date, or contact the Co-Chair, Matthew Stephens, at to get involved.

The Latest on Social Development