We invite you to join us in Nelson for National’s annual Bluegreens Forum in this critical 2020 election year.

Our 2020 Bluegreens Forum will celebrate 22 years of the Bluegreens, making us National’s longest running special interest group.

Bluegreens are part of a new generation of thinkers who believe that successful economic and environmental policy can and must go hand in hand in order to provide a cleaner, greener, brighter future for all New Zealanders.

The weekend is an opportunity to engage with our MPs and New Zealand’s leading environmental organisations on how we can better deliver on our Bluegreen vision of a prosperous and clean, green country.

Buy tickets now, bring your ideas, energy, togs and sunscreen for a weekend of fun politics.

For more information, please contact Tom Rutherford at tom.rutherford@national.org.nz or by phone at 0800 255 266