National Party Waimakariri Electorate – Winter 2015

Matters from Matt:

Waimakariri families can welcome a Budget that delivers more support for families and communities. As this was my first Budget I’m delighted with ‘Budget 2015; A Plan That’s Working’ response in supporting families and children.

Meeting in the Rangiora Town Hall.

As Deputy Chair of the Social Services Select Committee, I welcome the $790 million package over the next four years that will deliver more child-care support for low-income families, a $25 a week increase in benefit rates for families with children and an increase in Working for Families payments to low-income families of $12.50 a week. I’m proud to be part of the National-led Government that has announced a $790m hardship package that will deliver the first benefit increase that is greater than inflation in 43 years since 1972. I was born in 1972! As a dad, I’m happy to be part of a Budget that is supporting our most vulnerable children and, as someone who has worked in the mental health field, I know the importance of supporting children at this important development stage. Please do follow me either at or On my website and Facebook page you will be able to find more details on how to sign up to my monthly E-newsletter 'Doocey's Download; from the Waimakariri to Wellington'. Or you can contact either one of my offices on 327 0514 or 310 7468. Talk Soon,


Matt Doocey

MP for Waimakariri

Chairman’s comments:

Politics has been fairly quiet since the Northland by-election. Clearly with the loss the Government no

longer has the numbers for the RMA reforms, and major reforms appear to be no longer possible.

The new leadership of the Greens will be interesting to watch, and the change could have an effect on the

left’s vote, especially if Little continues to fail to gain the traction his leadership needs. He was really caught

short with his budget debate.

The Budget, with its major changes to welfare, caught the media napping, as they clearly believed National

would not move to assist those caught in the poverty trap.

Our MP Matt continues to work extremely hard, and it’s pleasing to see his efforts as he cements himself

in as a hard working member of parliament for his constituency.

To those of you who haven’t responded to the membership renewal letters, I urge you to do so. It is only

through your support that the electorate organisation functions, and we are able to fund successful

election campaigns.

Electorate Issues

Electorate Executive: We have been set some challenging targets this year in terms of membership numbers and levies. Accordingly we have several new positions on the Electorate Executive that focus on areas such as membership and events. Congratulations and thanks to the following people who were elected onto the Executive at our AGM in March.

Electorate Chairman: Jim Gerard

Vice Chairs: Dan Gordon & Rhoda Quinn

Treasure:r Alisdair Reid

Policy Chair: Bruce Newland

Events Co-ordinator: Nicole Weber

Membership Co-ordinator: Margaret Fitness

Secretary: Jill Spooner

Mainland Conference: The Mainland Conference took place on 9th and 10th of May in Ashburton. It was a great conference with our electorate well represented. A highlight of the conference was the announcement by the Minister of Building and Housing, Hon. Dr. Nick Smith of a more targeted approach to earthquake prone buildings. The revised policy striking a better balance between safety, cost and the retention of heritage and practicality.

Our nominee for List Ranking Committee, Charles Usher, was elected and Roger Bridge again was elected to the role of Regional Chairman for Canterbury Westland. The Southern Region have had a change in Regional Chair with Elle Ludemann stepping down and Rachel Bird being elected to the role.

There has been considerable work done on the member website, MyNational, and aspects of this were demonstrated to us by Party Secretary and General Manager, Greg Hamilton. Those of you who have access to the internet are encouraged to log in and check out the features. If you have questions about how to log on you should contact Member Services on 0800 255 266.


Supporters’ Meetings: All members are welcome to attend Supporters meetings that take place on the first Friday morning of each month. These are usually held at Mainpower Oval in Coldstream Road.

Electorate Forum - Kaiapoi: Come and join Matt Doocey, MP and fellow party members for dinner on Wednesday July 8th at Jaggers in Kaiapoi. From 6pm with an informal forum session to follow dinner. Please RSVP to Jill no later than 4th July. (Phone 312 8665 or email

Annual Conference: July 25th and 26th in Auckland. Voting delegates were selected at the AGM but all members are welcome to attend. Registration can be done via MyNational or call Jill for registration forms.

It appears that there will be a vote to elect Board Members at this year’s annual conference. A great sign for the party when there is a high level of interest in being involved in high level governance of the Party.

Tell Us - what else you would like to see on our events calendar. Ideas always welcome.


Email Addresses: If you received this newsletter in the post then we do not have a valid email address for you. Email is the cheapest and most efficient way for us to communicate with you. If you have an email address please supply it to us by emailing